Order-to-Cash solutions.

Better liqudity

Axeptia provides software- and data-integrations for working capital management. We help credit managers, CFOs and people working in credit and finance functions to gain better insight, and through that, improve working capital and improve efficiency — all in one solution.

With tools and data integrations users can proactively work smart with the Order to Cash process, free up cash flow, reduce credit risk, increase sales, and make sound business decisions based on good quality data on your customers and suppliers.

Axeptia Credit Intelligence


Companies that want to optimize their own working capital and free up cash flow will greatly benefit from using Axeptia. For the best possible basis for decision-making, users will gain good insight on their own customers and suppliers, through a combination of several data sources that are otherwise time-consuming to obtain by manual work. On top of the insight of data from different data sources, the solution makes it easy to make automized rules based on trends and analytics, so that you can focus on the parts that really needs extra attention.

Build and maintain sustainable relationships with customers and suppliers based on good quality data and insights


Our users are typically CFO´s, credit managers and people working in the credit and finance functions. Our target group are companies that send invoices (B2B & B2C) and wants to actively manage the Order to Cash process.


The Axeptia team have strong industry experience from the leading credit information provider and debt collection provider in the Nordics. Axeptia was founded on the basis of an experienced missing link in the market for a data-neutral specialist focusing on integrations and business value in the credit and cash management field. With previous experience with customer specific integration projects, combining customers own data with external data, the founders figured it had to be possible to standardize these best practices and provide a complete platform, including integrations, API´s and software for people in credit and finance functions.

Insight and control

Get insight and control into own credit and supplier portfolio. See the whole picture – drill down to details.

Free up cash flow

Tools for optimizing working capital. Cut credit costs and improve liquidity.

Reduce IT administration

Less IT administration – use less time on manual processes. Enjoy a solution that provide and keeps data updated.

We take security seriously

Axeptia uses well-known, safe, scaleable and safe technology.

Internal and external data

Axeptia develops, maintains and manages standardized integrations towards internal customer ERP data combined with external data sources. We have integrations to the most known ERP systems and credit information providers, as well as debt collection agencies.

A data-neutral Nordic specialist

Axeptia have 45 years combined industry experience from the credit and debt collection industry.


Credit, customer and supplier information will only be as good as the quality of the source. By working with customers and suppliers it is vital to combine own experience and data with external and objective third party data to have the complete picture, but also to have the small details.

It is the need of our customers that is Axeptias primary objective, so we let our users choose what quality data they want to use, and we make those data available in Axeptia.

Easy and effective insight on Accounts Receivables

Be proactive and make credit decisions based upon good insight. Axeptia provdes you with operative tools for day to day task, and the strategic insight for an active credit management.

Dashboard with top-level portfolio insight

Shows aggregated data on top level in your portfolio. See KPI´s, summaries and risk distribution in your portfolio.

Customizable user dashboards

Dashboards shows insight and relevant data for each users portfolio or need.

Click and filter

Click and filter selections. Graphs and tables automatically updates according to set filter selections.

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Dashboard som presenterer de viktigste KPI´ene og fordeling på risiko i din portefølje

Viser de viktigste KPI´ene og fordeling på risiko i din portefølje

Tilpass dashboard til ulike brukere

Innsikten er tilpasset brukernes egne porteføljer og behov

Klikk og filtrer

Klikk for å filtrere ønsket utvalg. Grafer og tabeller oppdaterer seg etter filter som er satt

Tasks and notifications

Insight have little value if not acted upon. Get notifications on the most important events, alerts or new insights. Notifications are cleverly administered by your own criteria.

Create tasks

For desired follow-up on tasks, users can create tasks for themselves or delegate to a colleague or external contact, making sure that action will be taken.

Automized tasks based on new insight

Create tasks based on new insight and defined rules. Typical example can be to freeze/stop credit on selected customers that shows increased risk.


Calendar gives full control over own tasks and cases to be followed-up. Split calendar into own calendar, or full team or co-colleagues calendars.

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Opprett oppgaver enkelt.

For ønsket action kan brukere opprette oppgaver til seg selv, eller sende oppgave over til kollega

Automatiserte oppgaver basert på ny innsikt.

Opprett automatiserte oppgaver basert på regler. Eksempel kan være å sette automatisk kundesperre på kunder med høynet risiko

Kalender for full oversikt og prioritering.

Kalenderfunksjon gir deg full oversikt over egne oppgaver, i tillegg til teamkalender for å se andres aktkviteter. Praktisk opppfølging og oversikt

Credit and customer monitoring

With full credit and customer monitoring, you will get updates on a wide range of monitoring categories, neatly ordered into system so that you can easily differ nice-to-know and noise from real critical events.

High risk alerts

Axeptia monitors over  50 different monitoring categories per customer. As an example you would probably want to be alerted when new info on a customer radically changes the creditworthiness of one of your most important customers. On the other hand, you may also want to be informed on other changes, and non-critical events, and only having them presented in a list, linked to particular customer or Axeptia user.

Automize tasks

Create automized tasks based on new insight from credit and customer monitoring. Typical example can be to freeze/stop credit on selected customers that shows increased risk. Alert responsible sales representative and credit team colleague.

Order in chaos

Order in chaos. Sort and filter own selections. With 50 monitoring categories per customer, with only a small customer base this will result in hundreds of changes per week, not really realistic to be acted upon manually. Link each event to relevant portfolio, team/user, event category and hich/low risk.

Data in itself is useless, unless you can derive insight from it, and transform what at first sight can be seen as noice, into actionable insight.

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Høyrisikovarsler - velg de mest kritiske hendelsene.

Vi overvåker opp mot 50 ulike endringstyper per kunde i din portefølje. Alt fra høyrisikovarsler som konkursvarsler til endringer av mer informativ karakter som endring i ledelsen

Automatiser oppgaver og utfør handling basert på ny innsikt.

Velg type handlinger som du ønsker å automatisere. Eksempel kan være kredittsperre og varsling til ansvarlig selger på utvalgte kunder, gitt ulike hendelser

Orden i kaos. Sorter og filtrer eget utvalg.

Data i seg selv er ubrukelig med mindre du kan trekke ut innsikt fra det som kan oppleves som støy, og omsette innsikten til handling